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The services Noordzee Handling offers in Belgium and abroad are extremely diversified: from loading and unloading new or used machines for professional or recreational use, internal moves in your industrial building to complete factory moves, including professional dismantling and (re)assembly of production lines.

  • Nzh industriele verhuizingen

    Internal move of machines

    Your company is continuously in motion and your factory building needs restructuring. This isn’t evident, but no worries, Noordzee Verhuis has the right material to also move any machine in your factory. With the necessary attention and precision, we lift the machine and position it in its new place.

  • Nzh industriele verhuizingen - installatie productielijn

    Installation of entire production lines

    When installing a completely new production line, we serve you from A to Z. We collect the machine(s) from the supplier and transport them to the requested place. If required, we also see to the complete construction. Our technicians are ready to ensure that the installation runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Nzh industriele verhuizingen - beurs

    Construction and dismantling in trade fairs

    At professional trade fairs across Europe, in numerous sectors, we serve our customers with the transport, construction and dismantling of their (newest) machines. The fact that these technical tours de force must be treated with the greatest care is an unconditional priority for Noordzee Verhuis.

    Furthermore, the construction and dismantling of these types of trade fairs requires detailed planning. Noordzee Verhuis coordinates this process meticulously, in order to guarantee that everything runs smoothly and to limit possible damage to an absolute minimum.

  • Verhuizen productielijnen

    Placing car lifts

    To reduce parking problems, public services as well as companies and private individuals are increasingly using car lifts. Noordzee Verhuis handles the transport and installation of the system for many car lift constructers. Thanks to our experience and technical knowledge we can guarantee a fast and correct delivery and installation.

  • verplaatsing kleine machines - nzh industriele verhuizingen

    Moving small machines

    Noordzee Verhuis is also at the service of private individuals, such as a hobbyist who wants to move a machine in his garage or hobby area, but can’t move it himself. We handle the transport of small and larger machines and help you install them if required.

Need help moving your machine?

We are always at your beck and call, on weekdays and in the weekend, in Belgium and abroad. No matter which sector you are active in, as a professional or recreationally, we move any machine with the greatest care and precision!

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