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Top quality machinery

Electric cranes with lifting capacity of up to 40 tons

Our machinery is extremely extensive and of a high quality. We mainly use electric machines, which is a major benefit compared to diesel or gas. Our electric cranes lift up to 40 tons and we have some fork-lift trucks up to 45 tons.

In addition, our machines can drive with loads and can thus directly place the machine in the truck. A major advantage compared to telescopic cranes that are fixed and not very manoeuvrable.

We are glad to give you an overview of our machinery.

  • Valla 400 E - nzh industriële verhuizingen

    Valla 400 E 1st

    Capaciteit: 40 ton

  • Galizia GF 200 E - noordzeehandling - industriele verhuizingen

    Galizia GF 200 E

    Capaciteit: 20 ton

  • Galizia G 150 E - noordzeehandling - industriele verhuizingen

    Galizia G 150 E

    Capaciteit 15 ton

  • Valla 110 E - noordzeehandling - industrieel verhuizingen

    Valla 110 E

    Capaciteit: 11 ton

  • Valla 90E

    Valla 90 E

    Capaciteit: 9 ton

  • Valla 75 E  - noordzeehandling - industriele verhuizingen

    Valla 75 E

    Capaciteit: 7,5 ton

  • Boom truck - huren - Noordzeehandling - industriele verhuizingen

    Boom Truck (op gas)

    Capaciteit: 45 ton

  • Mobilift - noordzeehandling - industriele verhuizingen

    Mobilift (op diesel)

    Capaciteit: 68 ton

  • Versa lift - industriele verhuizingen - nzh

    Versa lift (op gas)

    Capaciteit: 45 ton

  • Cesab heftruck - nzh - industriele verhuizingen

    CESAB heftruck (elektrisch)

    Capaciteit: 8,5 ton

  • Versa lift op elektriciteit - Nzh

    Versa lift 2535 (elektrisch)

    Capaciteit: 17 ton

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